• Comprehensive Opportunity in Central Texas

    Location Matters

    Opportunity in our Central Texas region is geographically segregated, especially for African American and Latino households

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  • Educational Opportunity in Austin

    Unequal Education for All?

    Educational opportunity in Austin for lower income, especially minority, children is truly a tale of two cities. African-American and Latino children are 300% less likely to live in neighborhoods with high or very high educational opportunity.

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  • Understanding How Opportunity is Trending

    Opportunity Isolation

    Understanding how opportunity is trending is critical to being able to proactively connect people to opportunity and to ensure that other are not isolated from it.

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  • Our 2013 Opportunity Report is Now Available

    Haves and Have Not A Lot at All

    Despite the robust socio-economic growth of the greater Austin area, all boats are not rising. Blacks & Latinos are more that twice as likely as Anglos to live in low opportunity, high poverty Austin neighborhoods.

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  • Map Shows Austin’s Crescent of Inequality

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    We have an obligation to the children in Rundberg and Dove Springs, and the disabled single moms and veterans in Pecan Springs and Rosewood, to ensure that they access a level of opportunity that gives them a fair shot at a decent life.

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Opportunity Matters: Central Texas is dedicated to transforming data into action that promotes greater socio-economic equity for all Central Texans. Our work is grounded in GIS mapping that help us better understand the spatial dynamics of how opportunity is distributed in our neighborhoods, cities, and region.

Opportunity Matters is a joint initiative of Green Doors, a Central Texas non-profit housing organization focused on increasing opportunity for our community’s most vulnerable, and The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, a think tank at Ohio State University, focused on deepening our understanding of the causes of—and solutions to—racial and ethnic disparities worldwide and to bring about a society that is fair and just for all people. Find out more about Opportunity Matters »